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The Search-and-Rescue God: A Peggie’s Place devotional

LATE-BREAKING BULLETIN: Chilean Miners’ Rescue Underway! An unprecedented drama unfolds before our eyes as a whole world anxiously watches, waits and prays in the ongoing incredible rescue of 33 trapped miners….This devotional is retrieved from the archives of Peggie’s Place and dedicated to all the miners, their families, rescue workers and the country of Chile [...]

‘Twas the Night before Easter!

Posted in Assemblies of God, Christianity, faith, Bible, devotional, Christ, Easter, Christian resources by peggiesplace on March 23rd, 2010

Enjoy a poem celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ! "'Twas the Night before Easter!" - written by Peggie Bohanon of Peggie's Place!.

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Blessed Hope of the Church

Posted in sermon, Assemblies of God, Second Coming, religion, Christianity, faith by peggiesplace on September 2nd, 2008

A special feature at Peggie's Place!

Enjoy the first podcast, a sermon by the late Rev. Alfred Coletti, ordained Assemblies of God minister - and my dad. Entitled, "The Blessed Hope of the Church," this sermon was recorded in 1989, at the Assemblies of God Church, Long Branch, New Jersey.

September 2 is Dad's birthday and this tribute is shared with the world. Dad looked forward to the Coming of the Lord - this is one of his classic sermons, preached often over the years. Enjoy - and Happy Birthday, Dad!

(For additional info and inspiration, see Peggie's Place devotional, "I cried, 'Daddy, Carry Me," - and He did!")