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“The Lurker” – A Halloween devo at Peggie’s Place!

Posted in Christianity, faith, devotional, holiday, belief, Christian resources, God, Christian blog by peggiesplace on October 29th, 2010

A Web walk each day with Peggie through a home called Peggie’s Place! – A Bonus Devo for Halloween! “Trick-or-treat!” Familiar words for this time of the year, and unfortunately, what used to be a fun celebration in the family and neighborhood has turned into a frightful one–one which many Christians are choosing to avoid. [...]

The Search-and-Rescue God: A Peggie’s Place devotional

LATE-BREAKING BULLETIN: Chilean Miners’ Rescue Underway! An unprecedented drama unfolds before our eyes as a whole world anxiously watches, waits and prays in the ongoing incredible rescue of 33 trapped miners….This devotional is retrieved from the archives of Peggie’s Place and dedicated to all the miners, their families, rescue workers and the country of Chile [...]