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“The Lurker” – A Halloween devo at Peggie’s Place!

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A Web walk each day with Peggie through a home called Peggie’s Place! – A Bonus Devo for Halloween! “Trick-or-treat!” Familiar words for this time of the year, and unfortunately, what used to be a fun celebration in the family and neighborhood has turned into a frightful one–one which many Christians are choosing to avoid. [...]

“M.A.S.K.S.” – A Peggie’s Place devotional

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A Web walk each day with Peggie through a home called Peggie’s Place! . . . . ‘Tis the Season for Masked Mites–whether you celebrate it or not–but this is not a party for mini-trick or treaters! Rather, it’s an unmasking party for grown-ups–revealing the “real” you and me underneath the masks we wear. God [...]

A Devo-a-Day: Celebrating Christmas with Christ!

Posted in Christianity, devotional, Christmas, Christ, holiday by peggiesplace on November 29th, 2007

Enjoy a series of Christmas devotionals from Peggie's Place during this Christmas season. You might want to bookmark this page to read one each day (December 1 to December 26) and then "take your pick" from a devotional buffet with a New Year's devo for good measure. It's all during the month of December--it IS His birthday on our calendars, remember? "Lord, help us all to remember and to rejoice in the Good News of Your coming to this world--and to our hearts!"

"A Devo-a-Day: Celebrating Christmas with Christ!."

You'll also want to check out a popular section of Peggie's Place for the Christmas season: "A Top Ten Christmas at Peggie's Place!".

Enjoy -and a Merry Christmas to all!

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