Question Marks on a Roller Coaster Called Life!?!

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A devotional at Peggie's Place.

So where do I begin? Good question! Certainly not on this roller coaster - I have many more sane things to do! And Mama's not alone - while the kids rave over the chills and thrills of the ride, I scream through every second of madness, "Dear Jesus, Get me off this thing!" (And that's a fairly literal quote from THIS Mama, believe it or not!)

Twists and turns, highs and lows - not just on roller coasters, unless you're on the one called life! Climb aboard the coaster with me as we explore the five questions of life every person - and every writer - soon learns to ask. For behind many a smiling face is a tortured soul, with chilling questions for which there seem to be no reasonable answer to be found anywhere on Planet Earth.

"Why, God, Why?" - Mysteries in My World!

Mystery and madness it is, more times than we might admit. The crises of life can take our breath away - personal brokenness, death, disease, heartache, financial need, family turmoil - hard "stuff" that bring us to our knees crying, "Why, God, Why?"

Sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason in the agony we experience. So what to do? Where to go? Go to His Word!! Go to the quiet your heart long enough to hear, "Be still and know that I am God." That's your Heavenly Father, bringing peace in the middle of the wild ride. He wants to quiet your screaming heart this day with His love, joy and peace. For when there are no answers, we still have Him - and grace enough to handle the hard bumps of life!

"Who's at the Controls?" - Security in God's Hand!

Safe? Are you kidding? "Who in the world is driving this insane ride," we cry. "Stop the world and let me get off!" Been there/done that? Know that HE, the all-knowing, all-powerful God, is at your side. He will bring you no harm - He is guiding and directing you - even in the middle of the madness - and you are safe in His hands--IF you've given Him full control. And why not? A question that needs no answer - He is the great God who has given us His Word; He's with us "for the long haul" - and that's to the end of the ride!

"What's with the Pain??" - Strength in God's Purpose!

Pain - who likes it? We shy away from the things and the people who hurt us. Hold on; don't get off the ride - for there are lessons to be learned even through the hurts of life. Hard lessons, yet in the pain of it all, we do learn - to trust our Lord, to find His strength and grace to bear the hurtful burden. God has a purpose far beyond what you can see - He never wastes pain - hear Him say, "I spared you no pain that I might use you to heal!" He is faithful and He will be faithful to you!

"Where ARE You, Lord?" - The Assurance of God's Presence

Roller coaster rides go through tunnels and dark places, as I well know! It's frightening when you can't see your hand in front of you or the person next to you - especially when you're a chicken like me!! And sometimes, that's life. The ride is scary and long - our senses are dulled and we can't see, hear, touch, taste the goodness of God anywhere near us. But He is there, I promise You - no, HE promises you. For in His Word, especially the Psalms, you will find encouragement and the promise of His presence through every dark place of life. He is there - and He will be there for you!

"When Will It End???" - The Eternity of God's Plan

The questions of life are not forever - GOD is forever, and someday, when life's ride here is ended, we move to a new track and a new ride - the ride called eternity - where there will be no more questions, heartache, trouble and pain. "All tears are wiped away" and really, the ride is just begun. Love, joy, peace, healing, eternal life - all await us when this life ends and eternity begins. That's His plan - and it's a good one - far better than the wild ups and downs of THIS life.....He's got eternity in mind for you, believe it, and hang in there, seat-belted (!!) for the rest of this rockin' ride called life!

Why? Who? What? Where? When? Five major questions you'll not find answers to in the Encyclopedia of THIS Life, for sure. But there's a place and there's a Person where, someday, it will all be made plain. When the ride is long and rough, when there are no answers to the madness raging in your heart, take a moment to be still in the Presence of the King - in His quiet majesty is all the strength, love, grace and answers you need.

--Copyright 2008 by Peggie Bohanon, Springfield, MO.

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